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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I select an architect in the building process?

Some people have their own architect that they trust and have worked with in the past. Sometimes people use an architect that the builder recommends. You will want an architect that is familiar with designing for the mountains. They should be well versed in the latest design techniques, and can easily put your ideas, vision and personal style into the print. Having an architect early on in the process helps the builder get started quicker. After seeing the size of the house along with details such as how the house is situated on the lot, a more accurate timeline can be estimated. This also gives the builder an opportunity to set a realistic budget for construction.

Why hire a builder?

An experienced builder can save time and money throughout the building process. They are professionals in their business and have the know how to quickly resolve issues or problems that may occur. This can save you from potential pitfalls and additional expense. A builder trained as a general contractor can envision the home as a finished product Рknowing how to get there in the most direct way. Quality control should be top priority from start to finish, and a builder trained as a general contractor will push quality throughout the building process. Care and thoughtfulness is easy to see in the finished product.

How is building in the Colorado Mountains different?

Building close to the Continental Divide can be a challenge. The temperature differential can vary 70 degrees in one day. The weather is unpredictable and can change in a very short period of time. The ultra violet rays are much more intense at high elevation. We have also seen snow on the 4th of July! To effectively combat these problems that Mother Nature sends our way is to build a home with thicker exterior walls for insulation. The house should also have roofs designed for high snow load, and windows installed specifically for high altitude. The north side of the house does not get a lot of sun, while the south side can get massive solar gains. These factors should be considered for the placement of the house on the lot. Weather affects schedule and budget more than any other factor in the mountains, and is always a factor when deciding the best time to start construction.

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